Hallo Berlin, Wie geht´s?

Ich komme bald!. Neues Jahr, neues zu Hause!

After two and half years at the big apple, I am moving back to Berlin. 

Get that strudel ready, I pack my mate with me. Achso, from 10 April onwards, I will be caressing the floor of the German milongas again. Enjoying the amazing tango rooms and teaching group and private lessons. Stay tuned for details and contact me if you would like to book your lessons. 

Even though the plan is still touring, I will stay in Berlin most of the time. Teaching, dancing and learning that sweet and musical language. Ach ja!

 Book lessons to:

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Last month in New York

Goodbye NYC,

from MARCH until 9 of APRIL I will still be in NEW YORK, but this is my LAST TIME for now at the big apple. So far, no plans on coming back, in a while at least.

So, take advantage of the goodbye offer in private lessons and book yours before I leave.

And mark your calendar: On 25 March, I will give group lessons at Astoria Tango. Join me at one of the most classic milongas in New York. 

Private lessons: 20% off on set of 5 hours. 

Astoria tango, all the info here: