Tango workshop "Beyond leading and following"


We are going to deep into de dynamic and quality of the roles in Tango. 
Through the movement to the essence. 
Activity and receptivity. Different qualities of movement from both roles. 
How to clearly propose, and how to clearly interprete, in deep connection with your partner, enjoying the music, the movement, the character but mostly understanding that both roles are active and receptive. 
Perfect training to intermediates - advance dancers, to refine and clean up the dance in order to expand the frontiers of joy, improvisation and connection. 

This is the previous step that every tango dancer has to do to raise their level of understanding. 

We want to offer you the universe of possibilities that we feel when we dance. 

29 & 30 SEPTEMBER.Saturday and Sunday
15 to 17hs. 
50euros both days. 25 one day. 

At Mala Junta Berlin.
Kolonnenstrasse 29. Berlin.