Here we go!!!

The first, as one of the most classic situations I get at the lessons. One teacher say it in a way, another teacher in another way.


what are we going to do with all the different approach to tango?


Well, I am a teacher and as well a student. For that reason I will share with you what I needed to do long time ago as student and what I understood later as teacher. I will give you my thoughts from both sides.


As student.

Keep your mind open, In my opinion this is the best you can do. Tango as popular dance have many different points of view. Different words to express the same movement. Different ways to lead the same steps or element.

Try to absorb as many information you can handle and put it in your dance tools box and always ask your regular teachers. Try don’t keep any doubt to yourself. The teachers, we, are there for you. Keep that in mind.


As a teacher

We see the students and we give a recommendation that might work on that moment. When you are learning, hopefully, you practice often and then you advance... the teachers that you get after an amount of practice will see a different dancer that the teacher before (do you get my point here?) therefore you will get another layer of information, a deeper one. That can be why sometimes it seems to be so different. But it is just that you are improving and now the focus to work is in another place.


I hope this help you to relax a bit and bring some calm to that shoulders.


Thanks for reading and please share it with someone you think might need it


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