The Tango is a beautiful, deep, mysterious and simple dance. Tango is a popular dance, and this is its magic. The goal of my teaching is that you dances, quiet, comfortable and happy. Knowing that everything that happens is the result of an election. Every movement is dance and there is not one more important than another.

Dancing is a pleasure. You have to enjoy it all.

My main goal is to generate a fluid communication. Creating a pleasant space where students feel free to express their doubts and queries. Without missing any details. And thus generate an intense learning. Always working the particular details of each role. The technique works so as to be always depending on the dance happen. The most important thing is that each member of the couple feels comfortable and free to enjoy the embrace.

Classes focus on the 3 rhythms of tango: tango, milonga and vals 


Learning takes different times, and private lessons are the fastest, most detailed and personalized way to learn.

Whether a couple or a single student, gives us the ability to adapt teaching to the particular time that this has. Being able to address particular issues from general details. stopping teaching in specific need of the student. Going by technical exercises, giving different approaches to the same subject. All to maximize the for learning..

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Specific classes.

We develop a theme for every seminar, and during each of them we design different exercises to address every detail. Both, in order to expand the tools of each student, and to provide resources for each role.

Depending on the complexity, the workshops can be grouped into 1, 2, or 3 classes.

This is the way I teach when I am on tour.

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Regular classes, such as private, allow us to establish a link with students.

know how they dance, their strengths and where they need to work harder.

The development of classes allows us to build a much more specific work for each group. Accompanying them in the learning process.

Detailed information on the group classes can be found by clicking HERE